Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lemony Coriander Soupy Soup

Lemon Coriander Soupy Soup

First thing, I Do not rightly remember this recipe. Second thing, I AM still going ahead with this post because, I wanted to show off my yummy soup (am SO proud, I'm growing). Besides nobody reads my haphazard blog anyway. So 'hello! me', I am talking only to you, me, I mean. YOU know.....

The soup was absolutley the most different I have ever made. Lemony, first of all. Coriander, a spice I would never had put into my soup and cumin (which I have begun to use in my Tem-Mex). I must give a 'holla' to, for her recipe. And then to my my inspiration to squish out her hard work and zap the recipe into something that does not look like her picture at all. Hers is called Green curry broth, I'm calling mine Lemon Coriander Soup, since those were the two spices I overloaded on.
I did not write down the exact proportions for this recipe (nor do you really need them) as I went with the "sprinkle and try it" method. Hovering over my cauldron of soup with a spatula (yes, spatula), and sniffing and occasionally cackling (come on, who could resist?).

Warm some olive oil, into which you will add,

sprinkle of coriander (1 Ts should be good)
sprinkle of cumin (1/2 Ts add more later if you want as I did)
A few cloves of chopped garlic
sprinkle of pepper.

Added water by the bowlful, wanted at least 2 big bowls of soup, so I added three os water.Added a veggie bouillion cube with the water.

Add Lemon juice as per your taste. Add a Teaspoon now and reserve any future lemon juice until after you have tasted your soup.

Added cubes of Tofu, chopped baby corn, fourthed baby bok choy, chopped onion, basil, celery (oh my it's gettin congested in here!). You really cannot overdo these, you know what soup looks like. Only add enough to ensure a hearty bite in each spoon, but not so much that you turn it into a stew.

Add salt and pepper to your taste. Here is where memory fails me further. Did I maybe add a sprinkle of rosemary or oregano? I honestly do not know. I shall have to make this soup again to make sure of it.

If you look at 101cookbooks, you will see her soup was meant to be simple......and green.

Mine is butter yellow and well there you have it

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