Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eggless Doughnuts, Baked Donuts

As I heard someone on TV once say about the spelling, "these are dough nuts not do nuts"... smile :)

After many (MANY) days of pondering.... pondering...about doughnuts and which one exactly would make me the most happiest human on earth, I tried this recipe. And yeah, they had to be eggless, as mum is anti-egg. She is so my weight gain preventer; I tempt her tiny body with fatty, sugar filled foods I experiment with and hope she bites.

So, first of all, these did not come up the texture of Dunkin doughnuts. And don't kill me for this but the one time I tried a Krispy Kreme, it was the opposite of "sheer heaven". These are more cake-like, and non spongy. I suppose the recipe creator could have been going for cake doughnuts? I actually thought this would make a good recipe for eggless cake, with a bit of tinkering.

I used:

1 c flour
1/2 c sugar
1 1/2 ts baking powder
1/2 ts nutmeg
pinch nutmeg

Mix those ingredients together. Meanwhile, in a separate saucepan warm up

1.2 c milk

Add the milk to:

1/2 ts vanilla
1/2 ts vinegar
1 ener-g egg replacer
4 TB butter

Mix everything until just combined. Do NOT overmix, you do not need gluten formation in these. I used small ramekins (6) as I did not have a doughnut bake pan, and they worked super fine. Now simply bake for 12 min at 350F.

Problem Area:
Now mine must have baked for half an hour, they just were not done in 12 min or even 20. It was fine, they were probably less soft than they were supposed to be, but quite soft enough for a yummy chocolate covered egg free baked snack.

Afterwards, for the topper, I added a mix of choco chips and heavy cream. No measurements- just jumped it. A handful of chips and a spoonful or two of cream, into the microwave. So, these guys not being fried and having no eggs for those allergic to them, seem to be a healthier breakfast or snack than regular bake shop doughnuts. They taste the best the day of, and lose moisture bit by bit the days afterwards. But don't worry you should gobble them up anyway.

P.S I shall post again when I make a yeasty doughnut, I am hoping will have more crumb 'spring', than this one.

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  1. Great recipe, Bley! I can't eat eggs and will be trying this for me and my daughter.