Sunday, December 19, 2010

Whole Wheat Ravioli with Pesto Cream

So I have been feeling guilty about eating too much white pasta. We all know (or do we?::eyes person in front of her in a sizing up sort of way) that white pasta is just a bunch of 'nothingness'. The carbs in white flour just turn to sugar. You don't get your fiber or other vital nutrients that wheat can give .

Whole wheat just seems to have more taste to it. After you have been feasting on wheat food stuffs, white just tastes plain BLAND. Note: There are exceptions.

Yesterday, I made whole wheat ravioli, mmmm mmmmm mmmm mmmm. At first I was scared for wasting 2 hours of my life making 'healthy whole wheat ravioli'. Explain:: Homemade wheat pasta never did just turn out for me. Either the taste wasn't there or the texture was grainy and wet. Until now!

2 cups of flour
2 eggs
1/4 ts salt
As many TB of h20 as you need to form a stiff dough

Knead for a bit and let rest ( 30min to an hour or more) , wrapped in plastic wrap or a covered bowl. I made mine in the food processor, no dough blades, just the regular chopping blade. I merely dumped everything into it, and occasionally would stick my hand in and press some dough crumbs together to see if they stuck together to form a dough. When they did I merely pressed it into a ball and wrapped it.

Next just roll (or use a pasta cranker like this) until thin enough for your personal taste or setting 2 or 3 as I like. Lay out in front of you, landscape orientation and put your filling in the bottom half, every inch apart, spoonful at a time. Bend over top half, and press around your ravioli, cut them out, then press with a fork to make sure the filling will not leak in the pot.

My filling was ricotta, cheddar (a sprinkle), pepper Jack (a sprinkle), and mozzarella (sprinkle), some fresh oregano, salt, olives, black pepper and red powdered pepper.

NOW THE SAUCE!!!! What made the pasta!
First, I made a roux (of butter and flour). Unfortunately, in my hurry (as usual), I undercooked the flour (and yes you can taste it). So I was forced to cook the sauce itself for a bit longer.
I added a cube of frozen pesto, added some leftover heavy cream and some milk until the consistency was good enough for me, personally. Make sure you mix constantly. Or use a hand blender, what's it called immersion nowadays? I added more pesto, salt, black pepper, basil, as per my taste. Tasting after adding every little spice helps you in the learning process.

Last month I had made a mushroom ravioli with mushroom sauce, and hopefully when I make it again, shall document it. As it was quite good!

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